Elder Deborah A. Corley

Since my own deliverance from a lifestyle of drug addiction and alcoholism over 30 years ago, it has become a natural part of me to support & assist individuals who have the same addictions.

For many years, I have dedicated myself and volunteered my time in the Oak Hill Youth Center, Youth Services Administration, D.C., Lorton, Prince Georges County, Charles County & Arlington County jails; the Central Treatment Facility, D.C. Department of Health Women Services Center, Gospel Rescue Mission, Fulton House of Hope, D.C. Halfway Houses and Prince Georges County Transitional Homes.

Believe it or not there are some people who seem to get stuck in repeated cycles of drug usage and incarceration simply because they have no idea who they are or any sense of direction for their lives. They have no sense of self-worth, no idea that they can live a better way of life; and most of all, no idea that they have the ability to accomplish anything they want in life. I know because  I have experienced these same feelings about myself and my life! My desire is to help individuals to know who they are; to believe in themselves beyond their addictions and problems; and to understand that they have a divine purpose in life !!


Destiny, Power & Purpose, Inc. (DPP) originated from a women’s ministry called “Women of Destiny” that I established in 2004. The Ministry was birthed from a revelation that I received while reading the Bible. Ephesians 1:4-5 emphasizes that “God has chosen us before the foundation of the world and He has predestined us for a purpose.” So, DPP started out as a small fellowship designed to provide a means of support to women for the purpose of healing, deliverance, nurturing, comforting, edification and strength through Support Groups, One-on-One Mentoring/Counseling, Sharing of Personal Testimonies, Prayer, Praise, Worship; and most of all, the Word of God.

While ministering in the Prince Georges County Correctional Center and the Correctional Treatment Facility in DC, I began to see some of the same individuals consistently go out and end up right back in the jail. In almost every case, the reason for incarceration was directly and/or indirectly related to drug usage. Remembering how difficult it was for me to stop drugging, drinking and to change my own destructive behaviors, I realized that there was a great need to help individuals to break that continuous cycle off their lives.


The mission of Destiny, Power & Purpose, Inc. (DPP) is to help individuals to break the vicious cycle of repeated drug addiction and incarceration off their lives through empowerment.


DPP is endeavoring to build a Faith-Based “Human Services” Empowerment Center.
The Center will consist of Faith-Based & Community-Based Organizations, Service Providers & individuals who will utilize their giftings, talents & skills to help individuals in the communities of the Washington Metropolitan area. Although separate entities, we will work together as “one” to minister to the whole “human being” & to meet all of the needs instead of just one problematic area of their lives. The individuals we serve will receive the benefit of participating in programs & services provided by multiple entities that will help to redirect their lives over a longer period of time. This will, hopefully, extinguish the desire to return to prior habits and behaviors, as well as to better equip and empower them into understanding who they are, their purpose in life & to help them fulfill their DESTINY!

Recovery & Reentry Support

The need for a support services system, specifically for those in recovery and returning home from jail, continues to be of great concern to me. Many of our clients need support and assistance in getting through the next phase of their lives during/after Substance Abuse treatment program; as well as prior to and upon release from incarceration.

Thus, DPP is now a 501c3 non-profit organization that is representative of the continuation of my community outreach and support services work. Through the support of my Pastor, Dr. Agnes E. Taylor, DPP started out as the community outreach entity of the Soul Saving Center of Christ, Inc. and currently provides Recovery & Reentry support services in the metropolitan area. At DPP, we take pride in supporting and assisting “just one” individual in remaining drug/alcohol free and/or from returning to jail.