Anger Management Program

The ARISE “Choices for Change” is anger management program of 27 Modules designed to help individuals make choices that will result in achieving positive goals in their lives. This program is based on the idea that no one is born angry or violent and that these behaviors are learned over years. This is why it is useful for one to understand anger at its onset; and by understanding what is actually going on in a situation, people can begin to control their lives in-stead of letting their emotions control them.

During the 16-week sessions the participant will learn:

  • To understand different types of negative and aggressive behavior and how to handle conflict in your life
  • Positive methods of controlling feelings of anger
  • Positive methods of dealing with violence and feelings of anger once they are evident
  • To understand that through appropriate communication, you can avoid unpleasant confrontations, solve problems without violence and anger, and still gain respect from others


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