Destiny, Power & Purpose, Inc. (DPP) is a “Non-profit Human Services Provider” focused on providing high-quality Substance Abuse and Reentry Support Services in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Did You Know…

  • “A drug offense was the most serious offense for approximately 24% of male & 22 % of female inmates in the District of Columbia.”

    "Profile of Drug Indicators" ONDCP Clearinghouse
  • “Within 3 years of release, more than 60% of former inmates are rearrested, about 50% are convicted of a new crime and 25% are returned to prison on a new sentence”

    DOJ, Bureau of Justice Statistics
  • 25% of former inmates returning to Prince Georges County, Maryland were incarcerated due to drug offenses

    "Portrait of Prison Reentry in Maryland"

DPP endeavors to Build – Faith-Based Center
We have the vision to succeed.

Our Vision

DPP is endeavoring to build a Faith-Based “Human Services” Empowerment Center. The Center will consist of Faith-Based & Community-Based Organizations, Service Providers & individuals who will utilize their giftings, talents & skills to help individuals in the communities of the Washington Metropolitan area.

Work Together

Although separate entities, we will work together as “one” to minister to the whole “human being” & to meet all of the needs instead of just one problematic area.

Benefits to You

The individuals we serve will receive the benefit of participating in programs & services provided by multiple entities that will help to redirect their lives over a longer period of time.

To Empower

To extinguish the desire to return to prior habits and behaviors, as well as to better equip and empower them into understanding who they are, their purpose & to help fulfill their DESTINY!

Offer Variety

DPP offers a variety of services that are designed to provide a continuum of care to individuals that find it difficult to make a change in habits and behaviors that continuously lead to the use of drugs, alcohol and/or incarceration.

Make a Change

DPP is prepared to provide individuals with a support services system to assist them through the process of making changes in their lives.


At DPP, we would like an opportunity to equip you with some empowerment tools that will help you to understand your purpose in life and to fulfil your Destiny!