State Care Coordination Agency

State Care Coordination (SCC) is mandated treatment recovery support services that are funded by the Prince George’s County Department of Health.

The purpose for SCC is to improve recovery outcomes for individuals identified as high risk for relapse and to insure that recognized obstacles to recovery are minimized.

State Care Coordination Brochure to learn more.

Prince Georges County
State Care Coordination Agency

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4719 Marlboro Pike – Suite #101
Capital Heights, MD 20743>br>
Office: (301) 420-2383
Fax: (301) 420-2384

For additional information, please contact:
Deborah A. Corley
Prince Georges County
State Care Coordination Administrator

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Points to consider for eligible participants

Prince George’s County Resident

The Prince George’s County Department of Health has authorized that all Prince George’s County residents that are receiving residential, intensive outpatient/outpatient or jail-based treatment services in the state of Maryland are mandated recipients of SCC services.

Adult Individual

The individual must be an adult who is currently enrolled and actively participating in inpatient or outpatient treatment services funded by the Prince Georges County Department of Health.

SCC Referral

The treatment facility will provide a SCC referral to DPP, the Prince Georges County Care Coordination Agency.  DPP will the ndetermine ongoing clinical and recovery support needs during an initial intake assessment and enrollment process.


The ongoing clinicial process will determine whether the client is an elibible recipient for additional recovery support via the Maryland Recovery Net / Access to Recovery (ATR) services.

Anger Management

This program is based on the idea that no one is born angry or violent and that these behaviors are learned over years. This is why it is useful for one to understand anger at its onset; and by understanding what is actually going on in a situation, people can begin to control their lives in-stead of letting their emotions control them.

ARISE “Choices for Change”

It is an anger management program of 27 Modules designed to help individuals make choices that will result in achieving positive goals in their lives.

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Anger Management Flyers


ARISE “Choices for Change”

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