Prince George’s County
State Care Coordination Program

State Care Coordination (SCC) services are mandated treatment recovery support services for Prince George’s County residents that are funded by the Prince George’s County Department of Health, and the local behavioral Health Authority.

The purpose for SCC is to improve recovery outcomes for individuals identified as high risk for relapse; and to insure that recognized obstacles to recovery are minimized. Such obstacles can include unstable housing, lack of vital documents transportation and social service benefits; as well as educational, unemployment, family & mental health/health problems, etc.

SCC services are designed to provide case management and recovery support assistance by walking with individuals through the recovery process; and to provide referrals and linkages to county, community, faith based and other human services organizations.

SCC services overall goal is to create a greater opportunity for a client to be successful on their journey to remaining drug or alcohol free!!


Prince Georges County State Care Coordination Provider

(Inside the Bank of America Building)

3731 Branch Avenue – Suite #206
Temple Hills MD 20748
Office: (301) 420-2383
Fax: (301) 420-2384

For additional information Please feel free to Download and review the SCC Brochure, or contact:

Deborah A. Corley